Welcome to Stitches Quilt Shop, your one-stop destination for all things quilting. We offer an extensive collection of premium fabrics, quilting tools, and unique patterns, designed to inspire your creativity and elevate your quilting projects. Whether you're an experienced quilter or a beginner eager to learn, we have everything you need to bring your ideas to life. Discover the joy of quilting with Stitches Quilt Shop, where quality meets creativity.

We’re here to help anyone
from novice to pro

At Stitches Quilt Shop, we're piecing together your perfect quilting experience. With quality supplies, expert-led classes, open sew sessions, and supportive troubleshooting, we provide all the elements to elevate your quilting journey.


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Open Sew

Quilters are welcome to join in and sew with other quilters.

Need a space to gather and sew. Call the shop and book the classroom for your next sew day.


Having problems? We’ll work to help you through it.

Class Room & Sew-cial

Come have some fun in a space designed for beginners to learn and grow with others. Join us at 5:30pm on the 1st Thursday each month for our Friendship Quilters Meeting. Free cookies and coffee!


A short list of products in our shop include:

We're sew into quilting, and building a community stitch by stitch!


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Testimonials from Clients

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